Domestic Violence vs. Assault: What’s the Key Difference?

35.6% of women and 28.5% of men are experiencing physical violence, rapes, threats, or domestic violence at least once in their lifetime in USA. Like you, most people are confused between domestic violence and assault and fail to understand the difference between the two. In this article, we will highlight the key differences between domestic violence and assault, as suggested by a Massachusetts violent crimes attorney. Let’s explore! 

What is Domestic Violence? 

Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, can be sexual, physical, emotional, technological, psychological, and economic threats of coercive behavior done by one person to another in an intimate relationship. Domestic violence takes place in both opposite and same-sex relationships, which not only impacts the abused one but also affects friends, family members, relatives, and co-workers. 

What is an Assault? 

Assault is an illegal act that covers making forceful physical contact or causing physical harm to another person, which may result in imprisonment, civil liability, criminal prostitution, and others. In simple terms, an assault can be described as an act of violence, physically or verbally. Some common injuries caused are black eyes, bruises, cuts, scratches, and broken bones. Abogado defensor penal de delitos sexuales can help you fight for your rights

Difference Between Domestic Violence and Assault 


Particular  Domestic violence  Assault 
Definition  Domestic violence is described as abusive behavior by a family member or your partner.  Assault can be described as an act to cause physical harm or fear in a person. It also referred to making forceful physical contact, which may cause injuries. 
Scope  Domestic violence is limited to abuse occurring between family members, including your partner or family members. Assault can occur between anyone in the world, like acquaintances, family members, strangers, friends, or others.
Types  Domestic violence includes physical, sexual, emotional, financial, and psychological abuse. Assault is primarily classified by the intensity of the act, like simple assault, sexual assault and aggravated assault.
Impact  Domestic violence results in long-lasting impact causing mental health problems and trauma. Based on the severity of the case, assault may cause emotional trauma, physical injuries, fear and more. 

How can a Criminal Defense Help? 

A criminal defense attorney is an experienced professional who has handled similar cases before. They will conduct deep research about this act, collect evidence, and grant you justice. 

Wrapping Up 

Being involved in domestic violence or assault is a mentally challenging process. You can hire a criminal defense lawyer for guidance.

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